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We're Lynn and Mike Bingaman, owners of WingWatcher Labradors and Always Waggin' Board-N-Groom, and thanks for visiting our home on the web. The pictures and info on this page are out dated just like the owners but don't want to delete any of them. We loved living the life full of dog hair and wagging tails. Labradors are the breed of choice in our home, and at any given time we have between 10-12 personal pets! Our family also includes Buster the beagle and 4 cats.

We've owned and operated Always Waggin' Board-N-Groom since we opened in 1996, and offer all breed grooming and 40 climate controlled kennels kept at a comfortable 72 degrees year round. Our boarding/grooming facilities have been praised by Purina and recommended by many local veterinarians, so if your special pet needs some TLC while you're away, be sure to check out the link on the left and then come on down to inspect our facilities yourself!

We've also operated WingWatcher Labradors since 1987. Our dogs are bred for intelligence and personality and clients all over the USA, Paris France and China have purchased dogs in the past for personal companions, hunting dogs, and field competition. Before retiring from competition we (with the help from our four legged friends) earned numerous awards including 4 national titles. If you're interested in a Labrador puppy, contact us to check on availability. If you'd like to meet the rest of our family, keep reading! Thanks again for visiting WingWatcher Labradors and Always Waggin' Board-N-Groom and be sure to look around!

Bingaman Family

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Always Waggin' Board-N-Groom
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