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Our Guarantee

With every puppy we sell, we will include the necessary A.K.C. registration papers, a full certificate of pedigree, and a written guarantee of health.

The guarantee of health covers the puppies health for 48 hours, hips for 26 months, and any other hereditary disease for 12 months. This guarantee applies only to the original purchaser of the dog and is voided if:

1. The dog is bred before it has been OFA and CERF certified
2. If the problems have been caused by injury such as hit by a car, hunting accidents, ect.
3. If in the opinion of my veterinarian, the dog has been abused or neglected.
4. Has not received routine veterinary care and vaccinations.
5. Cannot be spayed or neutered before eight (8) months of age
All veterinary care, OFA and CERF certifications are done at the owners expense. If your dog is unable to receive certifications, Wing Watcher Labradors will replace said pup with a pup from a similar breeding when available. Placement of original dog will be Wing Watcher Labradors discretion.

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