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Special Congratulations to Mike and Woody who earned the title Master Hunter at the Backwater Retreiver Club's Spring Hunt Test! It takes countless hours of training to take a dog from puppy to Master Hunter. To be able to get all of the necessary work in, Mike and Woody spent part of their winter in Georgia to avoid Indiana's nasty weather and drove to WI, KY, TN, and OH on a regular basis to run tests. Congratulations Mike and Woody on a great honor and a lot of hard work!


We take pride in the dogs we raise, breed, and sell. A quick tour of our home and facilities will show you our committment to quality. Our whelping room, located within our home, is shown below. Many, including Purina representatives, have said it resembles a hospital birthing suite. We strive for excellence in the health, care, and cleanliness of our pups and offer written guarantees and advice in raising the pups we sell. We are not a puppy mill and we carefully screen clients to make sure our pups are going to be a member of a loving family.

All of our labs live in our home with us (we never made our children sleep outdoors either).We no longer compete but are still very active with the boarding kennel and groom shop and still have about four litters of wonderful pups each year.

Below are a few of our dogs that have competed in field work and a few of the awards and honors they have earned. For information about our dogs accomplishments, please contact us! We love to brag about our labs!

Bulls Eye-Double or Nothin' MH (Bull)
Aug 14, 1987 to Aug 16, 2001
Science Diet World Retriever Festival 1st Place 1988
Derby List
All age qualified
Field Trial Amateur and Open placements
Back Water Retriever Club Hall of Fame
Qualified for Master National 1995
Qualified for Master National 1996
1997 Master National Qualifier
Numerous wins and placements at Ducks Unlimited Classics
Lily of the Field JH SH MH MNH (Gaddy)
April 27, 1995 - Sept 2006
Back Water Retriever Club Hall of Fame
1999 Master National Qualifier
2000 Master National Qualifier
2001 Master National Qualifier
Wing Watcher Canvas Back JH SH MH (Canny)
1997 - 2010
Derby Jams
Back Water Retriever Club Hall of Fame
Qualified for Master National 2000
Qualified for Master National 2001
Wing Watcher Jube
July 25,1988 - Sept 2001
Jube was a fantastic hunter and produced lots of wonderful pups

Wing Watcher Woody MH
January 6, 2003 -
Junior / Senior / Master Hunter titles

Woody now enjoys a wonderful life on the couch.

Always Waggin' Board-N-Groom
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