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Here are some letters we've received from past clients and will sadly miss future ones. Retirement stinks!!!!!

Lynn and Mike,

I must write to you and explain my gratitude for a life changing moment. There was a process that I started over 4 years ago, I was looking for a puppy to feed my "hunting" obsession. I wanted to get involved in water fowl hunting and to say the least having the "BEST" dog to accompany me was a must. I was taught to always do it right the first time. I must say I looked from one side of the country to the other and almost over night very close friends of mine told me that you guys were expecting a litter of pups. The stage was set after visiting your facility, seeing pups from a previous litter, relatives of the mother and spending some time with the female in your basement "birthing unit". The call came on Xmas that the new puppies arrived over night and there were two yellow females!!! Tealy Sue had a twin and was placed out west as an avalanche dog. In the mean time Tealy Sue came home with me and the obsession was instant. Now to the nitty gritty. MY DOG IS SPECTACULAR. She has hunted all over the country. 

She has learned to point for pheasant hunting (took one day in the field). She has learned to find Deer Shed Antlers in the spring (one of her favorite toys). She has learned field trial commands with hand signals. 2011 brought Indiana waterfowl season where she learned on her own to dive underwater after crippled ducks and geese (you must see to believe). She has retrieved in 2012 two snowgeese at over 800 yards. 2012 She retrieved her first Teal Duck from Missouri (named after green wing Teal). 2013 she retrieved two snow geese over 200 yards in the worst mud you can imagine. She has countless other skills too, she will fetch anything you throw this includes chairs, tree limbs, shovels, baseball bats etc...you get the point.

I know things happen for a reason. I am telling everyone right now this dog changed my life. There was a reason this dog chose me. Its never easy raising animals and let me tell you I was not ready for this. She definitely tried me, but I believe I have the Worlds Smartest Dog! REALLY! That helps coming from an outstanding blood line. If I had a penny for the countless remarks from the people she encounters, well you get the point. There are lots of pictures of my Dog at work. She loves to work for me and loves life. You guys have done an astounding job with your facility and your efforts for maintaining the best blood lines are above and beyond any ones expectations. Tealy Sue is an amazing dog. From the bottom of my heart Lynn/Mike, Tealy has changed my life. We have a lot more hunting adventures to share with you in the future. These 3 short years have been simply BEAUTIFUL!!!

Jared/Tealy Sue

Niles, MI

Got this picture message from Sandy and Lucy!

"I like the finer things in life like Hagen Daz and running in the sprinkler! I love California!

These are pictures we received from Dustin! Dustin is in the process of training Brooks for waterfowl hunting and Brooks is coming along great!

Man, that decoy sure looks tasty!

Hi Lynn!

As I'm writing you this email Gunner is curled up on my lap :)

Honestly, I think you gave me the pick of the litter! He is the most laid back and easy going puppy I have ever been around. He literally came pre-potty trained. Every time I set him down on the grass he goes to the bathroom instantly. I'm feeding him 2 cups a day and he goes to the bathroom right after he eats every time. We spend the last few days at Brendan's parents house and they were amazed that he would wake up from a nap and head straight for the back door every time. I've been calling him the little old wise man haha he seems so beyond his days. He's only had a total of 4 accidents. Olive had more than that per hour! He passed his vet appointment with flying colors.

Everyone who lays eyes on him falls in love instantly. He seemed right at home since the second we brought him home. I think Olive helped make the transition a lot easier for him. We're kennel training right now. We practice staying in the kennel for 10 minutes at a time and when he stops crying he may come out. Sometimes I open the door and he doesn't even want to come out. He's so lazy! They have literally taken over the bedroom. I have 2 enormous kennels right next to my bed ha! Olive is turning out to be a very good big sister. She is starting to understand that he can only play for about 10 minutes at a time then he needs an hour or so nap.

If Gunner stays this easy the time should fly bye!

Again, I cannot thank you enough for this precious puppy. He is truly brought so much joy to our lives!

Mallory, Olive, & Gunner



 Thanks again for being such a wonderful breeder of fine Labradors. Missy is just as trainable as Maggie was. Wingwatcherlabs has as good a puppy chose as any breeder I've ever come across in my 44 years of trailing and hunting Lab's. My wife's cousin from Montana visited and was so impress with your breeding that I'm sure she'll be getting in contact with you.

 Missy at ten weeks old is doing a dozen retrieves twice a day and seems to really enjoy herself. The only problem I seem to have is keeping enough blood in my legs to keep her satisfied, When I stop her retrieving lesions she keeps grabbing the back of my legs to throw more dummys and you know what happens when the puppy needle teeth grab flesh. She sure is a joy though.

 Like I said before, the only thing better than your pups is you!

  Thanks again,


Hey Lynn and Mike

Well we bought our first puppy here at Wing Watcher last December, here are some pictures of Snowy. We decided to name her Snowy cause of all the snow when we got her. This is a picture of her, she's hard to take pictures of because she moves a lot:). Snowy is going to be 6 months soon and she's really a great puppy. We all love her! everyone that has met snowy says that she's a beautiful dog. When we decide to get another lab, WingWatcher will always be our first choice!:) Thank you very much Lynn and Mike for our beautiful dog!

Norris, Raquel, and Jazmin
(Lake Station, IN)

We bought our first puppy here in Wing Watcher last winter. And that is our little guy, Typhoon. He is 4 month now, about 35 lbs, energetic all the time, likes chasing rabbits.We got a lot of compliments on how good looking our puppy is. Typhoon is really a precious gift to us. Thank you very much Lynn and Mike! If we decide to have another Lab, Wing Watcher will always be our first choice!

(West Lafayette, IN)

hey lynn,
i tried to post something on your website but didn't see how i was suppose to do it. so i thought i'd send some pix of Moose! He's 21lbs now and rambunctious as ever! :) the first 3 are the day that we got him, we did christmas pictures then and the others are him day to day. he's hard to take pix of now because, well he doesn't sit still for long :)

Thanks for the pictures, Christen! If you'd like add a note, or picture, just email me at WingWatcherLabs@aol.com!

Have been into Lab's for 40 years and have never been more satisfied with any other kennel as I have with Wingwatcher. The only thing better than Lynn is her pups.

Fred M.
(Addison, IL)



Our Gracie is a sleek, shiny, and abundantly energetic ebony beauty! She is, of course, very smart, and is being groomed for pet-assisted therapy. We have had Wing Watcher labs since 1995 and would look nowhere else for our wonderful, loving companions. I'd have more if I could convince my wife!!!

God Bless,
Phil H.
(Dallas, TX)

To whom it may concern,

Nearly four years ago my husband and I rescued an older German Shepherd-Huskie mix, named Bear, who had been abused.  Naturally I was concerned about taking her to be groomed and leaving her, as I didn’t want her to become frightened so soon after becoming part of our family.  I needn’t have worried – from the moment Lynn spoke to Bear it was a mutual “love at first sight”.  In fact, Bear became a regular customer and was groomed every four weeks and sometimes more often.  For example, there was the time I called Lynn frantically one afternoon because Bear had scared a skunk from the bush – let’s just say Bear didn’t win…. and without question Lynn responded with “bring her in” and a few hours later I had a much better smelling dog back home with us.

Lynn went out of her way to help Bear.  She did much more than groom her – she cared about Bear.  Without asking or charging us she often worked with Bear to help her become more social with other dogs.  Bear became so at home that many times when I went to pick her up and she was in the front office “helping” Lynn.  About six months into our relationship with Lynn we began traveling quite often to see our grandchildren who had recently moved out of state.  The only place we would consider boarding Bear was of course, Always Waggin’.  In fact, I never made a plane reservation until I knew they had room in their schedule for her.  We eventually moved to Florida and we had a hard time saying goodbye to Lynn and Mike who had become dear friends.

In all my years of owning a dog, I never found anyone or any place as caring, professional and knowledgeable as Lynn and Mike at Always Waggin’.  If your dog is more than just a “dog” and is truly a part of your family – take him/her to them and leave them in their capable and loving hands.


Debbi and Bart F.



Corby and Finnigan keep growing! Both are just about 70 pounds now and we can't imagine life without them! We get so many comments on how beautiful they are and we let everyone know where we got them. Thanks for such great dogs! We'd never go anywhere else for another lab!

Jason and Miranda
(South Bend, IN)


Buck & Briar will be turning two in September of 2007, the time sure does fly!  They love being out in the field with their dad and curling up on their mom’s lap at home. Even though they are litter mates, they have completely different personalities!  We get so many compliments on what wonderful dogs they are and what a wonderful pedigree they have!  Thank you again for the loves of our lives!

Christie & Cliff P.



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